Must have 3 yrs truck driving experience or have a driver with minimum 3 yrs experience.

Child support must be up to date or have proof if it shows on credit that it is up to date.

IRS tax liens that show on credit must be paid off and have written proof.

Current bills must be up to date, late in past is ok but up to date if you currently have it ( ie. house, car, pickup, ect)


Down payments depend on the amount you are approved for vs. the evaluation of the truck and its price.

Trucks that can be financed must be a 2001 or newer and have less than 900,000 miles.


Get approved in usually 24 max 48 hours. 


We only do commercial truck financing.  No leasing available as our contracts let you payoff the truck with no pre-payment penalty.  Which means the quicker you pay off your truck the less interest you pay.  The only interest you pay is the amount of time you use.

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